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Safely Install and Enjoy Outside BBQ Grills in El Paso


While everyone enjoys outside BBQ grills in El Paso with friends and family on those lovely hot summer days, it is important for everyone involved to have a safe and secure time of it. That is why we have put together some excellent safety tips that you can keep close to the outside grill and refer to so they are always kept as fresh in your mind as those great steaks that are cooking away. If you are looking for a permanent grill off your patio, this a great way to start that project. K.D. Scholten offers a variety of the some of the very best brands of outside BBQ grills in El Paso. We offer complete installation, since we know that proper installation and care are the first preventative steps in ensuring you enjoy your new outdoor grill safely.

Being Safe with Your New BBQ Grill
It is important to remember you are dealing with several different cooking materials that can cause smaller or larger fires so it is always a good idea to be ready. Baking soda is a great way to control a smaller grease fire and if you do not have a professional fire extinguisher on hand, a garden hose or a bucket of sand will do the job nicely for anything else. It is also good to remember that the grill will remain hot for up to an hour after use so you should keep all activity away from it even after you are done eating. Avoiding burns and splatters is much easier when you use the proper utensils and picking the ones with longer handles makes that possible.

K.D. Scholten is your local professional for outside BBQ grills in El Paso. We pride ourselves on fine residential barbecue products and a variety of commercial items as well. When you are looking to spruce up your front or back yard, we are the company that works hard to make sure you are satisfied. We are an outdoor architectural firm that specializes in making your outdoor space a pleasure to be in, so call or drop by our offices today! 915.833.1452 | 7365 Remcon Cir., Ste. A-106 El Paso TX