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Electric Fireplaces vs. Traditional Fireplaces

a couple with their feet up against fireplacesThere are three primary types of fireplaces that you can consider for your home: wood burning or traditional; gas; and electric. There are substantial differences between these three kinds of fireplaces. You will need to make informed choices about which is the right one for use in your El Paso home. K.D. Scholten Co. carries different kinds of fireplaces so you can see them in action. We can also help you to understand what is involved with the installation process and what kinds of ongoing maintenance will be required.

Differences Between Electric and Traditional Fireplaces

When most people think of traditional fireplaces, they think of wood burning fireplaces. These wood burning options have long been the gold standard, and they can produce a truly natural fire which smells amazing and which makes wonderful crackling sounds. Unfortunately, the wood variety can also be the most expensive. They require a full chimney and are also messy and difficult to use.  a fancy fireplace

A gas fireplace can give you a traditional look, but venting is usually required and installation can also be more expensive. Electric fireplaces are a simpler solution which usually costs less to install and which do not require venting. You can plug in or turn on an electric fireplace. They can provide heat, and they provide a simulated fire rather than a real one. They have come a long way and the simulated fire can look really good, so many people choose this option for their El Paso homes. 

Finding Your Fireplace

Choosing the right fireplace for your home will be highly beneficial, especially with the weather getting colder. When you are ready to find the right fireplace for your space, visit K.D. Scholten Co. to see our vast selection of different options and to shop for the perfect fireplace within your budget.

Flagpole Installation in El Paso, Texas

Flagpole Maintenance and Raising/Lowering Flag Etiquette

If you are a business or corporation owner and are seeking flagpole installation in El Paso, you can find the proper resources to provide the equipment to complete your commercial landscape. However, you will also need to be aware of proper flagpole maintenance and instruct your workers on the mindful way to raise and lower the flag.

When raising or lowering the flag after the flagpole installation in El Paso has been completed, you should always be respectful of the American flag at all times. You should not let any part of it touch the ground at any time during the raising or lowering process. When the flag is flown at half-staff, it should be first hoisted to the peak of the flagpole for a moment and then lowered to the halfway point along the bar. At the end of the day, the flag should again be raised to the top of the flagpole and then lowered all the way. Normally, flags that are half-staff should be displayed only between the time of sunrise to sunset, but if displayed at night, the flag should be illuminated. Companies that handle flagpole installation in El Paso can securely set your flagpole in the proper way in your outside landscape to ensure the best foundation to hold it up.

Proper flagpole maintenance is important considering all the outdoor elements that can cause rust, debris and discoloration to the metal and flag. The components that hois the flag must be in good condition and not worn too low in the threading. The top of the flagpole needs to be checked that it is securely fixed in place before flagpole installation in El Paso commercial business’. Without the security of the top of the flagpole, you may have a runaway flag and a difficult time repairing the damage, especially for extreme weather conditions, like high winds or hail.
If you have questions or would like more information on flagpole installation in El Paso, then contact K. D. Scholten Co. at (915) 833-1452 or 800-479-1452. You can also e-mail us at sales@kdscholten.com.