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Flagpole Installation —  A Brief History of Flags

american flag in a home's front lawnThe United States is an incredibly patriotic country. Why not express your patriotism during this upcoming election season by getting flagpole installation in your front or backyard? There is a fascinating history to flagpoles that many of us have forgotten over time. Not only has there been a wide variety of traditions concerning flagpoles, but even the technology has changed drastically over time. At K.D. Scholten, we believe that the history of our flagpole is just as important as the history of our country. Our flagpole installation services are of the highest quality.

A Wooden Past

While the industry standard today for flagpoles is to use aluminum, they were originally made out of wood. While this is not surprising, few know that there were few alterations to the trees to fit flags. Individuals would find a straight narrow tree and have the bark and branches removed. This would typically suffice as they simply unearthed that tree and replanted it closer to home.  Over time, these flagpoles begin to rot at the base since they suffered complete exposure to the harsh dirt. In the early 20th century, steel replaced wood as it would last longer than wood.

Modern History of Flagpoles

Today, there is typically a concrete base where a flagpole is planted to protect it from corrosion. Aluminum is also an option because it has a higher stress level which is great for extreme climates and weather. The most advanced flagpole, though, is currently on the moon. This design of the flagpole had to be telescopic to reduce its weight on the ship. It also has a telescopic horizontal arm that keeps the flag straight in a nearly non-existent atmosphere.

Get Flagpole Installation Services, Today!arranged flags of different countries waving in the wind all atop their own flagpole

When it comes to flags and flagpole installation,  the flag typically gets the most attention in history books. At K.D. Scholten, we believe that the role of a flagpole is just as important as the flag it carries. For this reason, we offer our expert services to those in the city of El Paso. We can install the perfect flagpole on your property and you will see just how beautiful having a flagpole can be. Simply give us a call to find out more about our flags and flagpole installation services. With this in mind, if you are looking for a flagpole in El Paso, contact K.D. Scholten to see how you can display your flag.

Flagpole Installation in El Paso, Texas

Flagpole Maintenance and Raising/Lowering Flag Etiquette

If you are a business or corporation owner and are seeking flagpole installation in El Paso, you can find the proper resources to provide the equipment to complete your commercial landscape. However, you will also need to be aware of proper flagpole maintenance and instruct your workers on the mindful way to raise and lower the flag.

When raising or lowering the flag after the flagpole installation in El Paso has been completed, you should always be respectful of the American flag at all times. You should not let any part of it touch the ground at any time during the raising or lowering process. When the flag is flown at half-staff, it should be first hoisted to the peak of the flagpole for a moment and then lowered to the halfway point along the bar. At the end of the day, the flag should again be raised to the top of the flagpole and then lowered all the way. Normally, flags that are half-staff should be displayed only between the time of sunrise to sunset, but if displayed at night, the flag should be illuminated. Companies that handle flagpole installation in El Paso can securely set your flagpole in the proper way in your outside landscape to ensure the best foundation to hold it up.

Proper flagpole maintenance is important considering all the outdoor elements that can cause rust, debris and discoloration to the metal and flag. The components that hois the flag must be in good condition and not worn too low in the threading. The top of the flagpole needs to be checked that it is securely fixed in place before flagpole installation in El Paso commercial business’. Without the security of the top of the flagpole, you may have a runaway flag and a difficult time repairing the damage, especially for extreme weather conditions, like high winds or hail.
If you have questions or would like more information on flagpole installation in El Paso, then contact K. D. Scholten Co. at (915) 833-1452 or 800-479-1452. You can also e-mail us at sales@kdscholten.com.