Residential Fireplace Construction

If you are thinking about residential fireplace construction in El Paso, you first have to know about the different kinds of fireplaces that are available to you. Currently there are three main different kinds of fireplaces that customers can choose from, electric, wood and gas ones.

Electric fireplaces enable its users to place the fireplace wherever they want. All that is needed with these devices is to place them near an outlet. And because they can be placed anywhere, they work great in apartments and condos. But the important thing to remember with electric fireplaces is that you will not getting the real feel of a traditional one. They do not produce any type of flame. So just keep that in mind with this type of fireplace. Wood fireplaces are the “real deal” but can be messy, smokey and there may be burn restrictions in certain localities. Gas fireplaces come in three different types. There are direct vented ones (can be vented through a wall or roof), top vented ones (require a chimney or vent)and ventless ones(expels exhaust into your home).

There are a couple of other options you will have with residential fireplaces (pellets and ethanol).But for the most part electric and gas fireplaces going to be your more popular choices.

If you would like more information about residential fireplace construction in El Paso, contact K.D. Scholten today. We are located on the west side of town at 7365 Remcon Circle, Suite A-106 or you can call us at 915.833.1452.

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