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Upgrade Your Backyard Experience with the Right Outdoor Grills

an outdoor grill installed in a grassy backyard with an array of food atop it Here in El Paso, we are spoiled with beautiful sunsets. From the comfort of our backyards, we can witness breathtaking views every single evening. If your backyard needs an upgrade, you should consider outdoor grills. You may have been considering getting your own for years but always decided against it. At K.D Scholten, we know the value in a great new outdoor grill. There’s no need to wait for your friend to invite you over, make your backyard the go-to place to experience good food and grand sunsets.

Choosing Your Grill Type

There’s a lot to consider before purchasing your first outdoor grill for your El Paso home. Charcoal grills are handy because of their versatility and deep BBQ flavors. The Big Green Egg is actually a great choice for lump charcoal outdoor grills. A natural-gas outdoor grill will give you the convenience of being connected to your home’s gas system. It’s definitely an initial investment. Propane gas grills are also a very common option for people who want the convenience of a gas grill without the gas line costs. Pellet grills, gaining quickly in popularity, offer the possibility of even controlled heat plus enhanced flavors from the wood pellets.

The Size of Your Next Grill

After you’ve decided what you kind of grill you want, size is the next important factor. While every chef is different, they can all agree that a comfortable working s pace is important. If you want to keep all of your cooking utensils outdoors, be sure your grill has plenty of compartment space for them. Whether you are expecting a lot of friends or just grilling for close family, cooking space within your outdoor grill is vital. If you like to cook vegetables and meat at the same time, consider a grill with multiple compartments.three outdoor grills next to each other in a backyard

The Benefits of the Right Outdoor Grills

Having the right outdoor grill in your lawn is one the most important choices you can make. At K.D Scholten, our friendly staff can help you make the right grill choice. Let’s make your backyard experience as memorable as possible!

5 Safety Tips for Your Residential Fireplace

close-up of stone residential fireplace in log cabin with blazing fireGas fireplaces are a joy to have in your home, especially when the always-changing El Paso weather creeps up on you. If you have a residential fireplace or are considering getting one, it’s important to know be aware of precautions. Here are 5 tips to keep your gas fireplace safe.

Hire a Professional

You should not install a residential fireplace yourself. As important as your home is to you and as dangerous as fire can be, you want to make sure that a professional installs your residential fireplace.

Install Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are important. Equip your home with these detectors. Gas fireplaces do not increase carbon monoxide levels. That is unless something is operated improperly. So it’s smart to have a detector if you have any gas appliances in your home.

Protect Your Residential Fireplace

Especially if you have children, you will want to make sure that you purchase a barrier to keep small kids from touching the fireplace when it’s emitting heat. You’ll also want to keep pets away from when it’s not in use.

Keep it Clean

Make sure you stay on top of the upkeep. You should be aware if your fireplace is not being properly clean or if it has obstructed vents. Debris may build up over time and can cause expensive damage.

Never Leave a Fire Unattended

Although residential fireplaces are safe and controlled, it is not a good idea to leave one unattended. The whole point of a fireplace is for you to enjoy its beauty and its warmth. So, make sure not to waste heat in an

feet in colorful socks near fireplace

empty room.

At K.D. Scholten Co., we specialize in residential fireplaces in El Paso. We currently have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We definitely know safety when it comes to fireplace installation. With this in mind, give K.D. Scholten Co. a call today.

Safety is Important With a Residential Fireplace in El Paso


Remodeling your home is always an exciting time and putting in a residential fireplace in El Paso is just the thing for a new sun room in the winter months. K.D. Scholten has an excellent selection of premium residential fireplaces for you to choose from this fall. Not only do they have a great selection, but they follow the utmost important rules of safety when installing the fireplace into your home. It does not matter whether you are looking to get a gas or wood burning unit, it is important to make sure you understand and abide by all the proper safety procedures so everyone can enjoy the renovation in a reasonable manner.

Keep Flammable Objects Away

First off, it is important to keep in mind that any fireplace or stove that you add in the sun room of your home will get extremely hot. You need to plan ahead and make sure that all flammable materials like furniture, draperies and even clothing are stored a safe distance away from any open flames or hot surfaces.

Safety Screens

Keep in mind that having a proper safety screen between you and the flames is a good idea and an excellent method to prevent serious burns. However, even the most advanced of these safety screens will retain some heat and can burn fingers and hands if they are touched for too long.

Keep Children and Pets Safe

Finally, it is a good idea to make sure you keep children away from any of these hot surfaces. Children and pets should be supervised and taught about the dangers of getting too close to a hot stove or residential fireplace in El Paso.

K.D. Scholten are experts when it comes to your decision to add a residential fireplace in El Paso. They have been serving the El Paso community for years and have an outstanding service department. Right now is the perfect time to select a fireplace to keep you cozy this winter, so call or visit them today!

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Illuminate Your Evening Party: Outdoor Fireplace in El Paso


Having in outdoor fire place in El Paso is a sure way to impress your friends and family during your next party. It is also a great way to relax on chilly nights with a loved one in the winter. Once you make the decision to get an outdoor fireplace you will want the best people on the job. Here at K.D. Scholten we provide this exceptional service to beautify your backyard. We are a construction specialty company that specifically builds quality outdoor fireplaces in El Paso like no other. At K.D. Scholten we stand by all our work with pride, and have complete confidence that we will exceed your expectations. Once you call us, you have no reason to worry because we get the job done right the first time.

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Residential Fireplace Construction

If you are thinking about residential fireplace construction in El Paso, you first have to know about the different kinds of fireplaces that are available to you. Currently there are three main different kinds of fireplaces that customers can choose from, electric, wood and gas ones.

Electric fireplaces enable its users to place the fireplace wherever they want. All that is needed with these devices is to place them near an outlet. And because they can be placed anywhere, they work great in apartments and condos. But the important thing to remember with electric fireplaces is that you will not getting the real feel of a traditional one. They do not produce any type of flame. So just keep that in mind with this type of fireplace. Wood fireplaces are the “real deal” but can be messy, smokey and there may be burn restrictions in certain localities. Gas fireplaces come in three different types. There are direct vented ones (can be vented through a wall or roof), top vented ones (require a chimney or vent)and ventless ones(expels exhaust into your home).

There are a couple of other options you will have with residential fireplaces (pellets and ethanol).But for the most part electric and gas fireplaces going to be your more popular choices.

If you would like more information about residential fireplace construction in El Paso, contact K.D. Scholten today. We are located on the west side of town at 7365 Remcon Circle, Suite A-106 or you can call us at 915.833.1452.

Standard Grills Vs. Built-In Grills

When the term barbecue grill construction is used, people tend to think that involves the assembly of a grill. But that is not what we are talking about here. What we are talking about is the construction of outdoor barbecue grills areas.

There are many ways that they grills can be constructed outdoors. One of the more popular ways that they are built is the island set up. Think of it just as an island area on the inside of your home. This kind of design is simple versus others outdoor construction features. There are no curves or angles, just a simple rectangle design. And the best thing about this design is that the person who is cooking can feel as though they are a part of the conversation. Other designs might make you feel isolation but this one keeps you in the conversation while you are grilling.

But the one thing you have to keep in mind with grill construction is durability. The design that encases the grill has to be able to withstand the outdoor elements. Since El Paso experiences a lot of sun and some wind, materials that can withstand these two weather elements are crucial. The purpose of your outdoor barbecue grill is to add something else to your yard. Another place to cook at and spend time with family and friends.

If you would like more information about barbecue grill construction in El Paso, contact K.D. Scholten today. We are located on the west side of town at 7365 Remcon Circle, Suite A-106 or you can call us at 915.833.1452.