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Cold Temperatures in El Paso Call for an Outdoor Fireplace


With temperatures cooling in El Paso, many are starting to develop an area of their homes  that would previously be unused during the winter months. Outdoor fireplaces provide a wonderful addition to your backyard both aesthetically as well as practically.

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Choosing the Right Flagpole for your El Paso Home or Business


When winds and gusts start to pick up here in the  Sun city, tall objects might have a tendency to blow over. This is why it is so crucial to know the basics about the different varieties of flagpoles available in El Paso before you do.

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It’s That Grillin Time

With the weather here in El Paso starting to warm up, people are going to start grill outdoors more often. And with grilling that means outdoor barbecue products will be in demand. If you happen to be thinking along these lines here is one of the outdoor barbecue products you should be aware of.

Obviously grilling cannot be done without a grill. This type of barbecue product is where everything starts. Some times people think that the decision that they have to make for this product is what kind of brand to go with but that is not always the case. What people should be thinking about is whether they want a portable grill or a built in grill.

Built in grills are grills that make your backyard and patio area an outdoor kitchen. They can add a different style to not only the backyard but to your house as a whole. And the best thing about these grills is that they come with the same options that you would have with a portable grill.

When it to comes to making a decision of whether to get a portable or built in grill for your home, the decision will lie on the various uses of it. Do you plan on having the grill used in the yard? If so, then you might consider a built in one. But if you plan on transporting it to the park or elsewhere, then a portable grill is the way to go.

If you would like more information about outdoor barbecue products, contact K.D. Scholten today. We are located on the west side of town at 7365 Remcon Circle, Suite A-106 or you can call us at 915.833.1452.

Residential Fireplace Construction

If you are thinking about residential fireplace construction in El Paso, you first have to know about the different kinds of fireplaces that are available to you. Currently there are three main different kinds of fireplaces that customers can choose from, electric, wood and gas ones.

Electric fireplaces enable its users to place the fireplace wherever they want. All that is needed with these devices is to place them near an outlet. And because they can be placed anywhere, they work great in apartments and condos. But the important thing to remember with electric fireplaces is that you will not getting the real feel of a traditional one. They do not produce any type of flame. So just keep that in mind with this type of fireplace. Wood fireplaces are the “real deal” but can be messy, smokey and there may be burn restrictions in certain localities. Gas fireplaces come in three different types. There are direct vented ones (can be vented through a wall or roof), top vented ones (require a chimney or vent)and ventless ones(expels exhaust into your home).

There are a couple of other options you will have with residential fireplaces (pellets and ethanol).But for the most part electric and gas fireplaces going to be your more popular choices.

If you would like more information about residential fireplace construction in El Paso, contact K.D. Scholten today. We are located on the west side of town at 7365 Remcon Circle, Suite A-106 or you can call us at 915.833.1452.

Standard Grills Vs. Built-In Grills

When the term barbecue grill construction is used, people tend to think that involves the assembly of a grill. But that is not what we are talking about here. What we are talking about is the construction of outdoor barbecue grills areas.

There are many ways that they grills can be constructed outdoors. One of the more popular ways that they are built is the island set up. Think of it just as an island area on the inside of your home. This kind of design is simple versus others outdoor construction features. There are no curves or angles, just a simple rectangle design. And the best thing about this design is that the person who is cooking can feel as though they are a part of the conversation. Other designs might make you feel isolation but this one keeps you in the conversation while you are grilling.

But the one thing you have to keep in mind with grill construction is durability. The design that encases the grill has to be able to withstand the outdoor elements. Since El Paso experiences a lot of sun and some wind, materials that can withstand these two weather elements are crucial. The purpose of your outdoor barbecue grill is to add something else to your yard. Another place to cook at and spend time with family and friends.

If you would like more information about barbecue grill construction in El Paso, contact K.D. Scholten today. We are located on the west side of town at 7365 Remcon Circle, Suite A-106 or you can call us at 915.833.1452.

Flagpole Installation in El Paso, Texas

Flagpole Maintenance and Raising/Lowering Flag Etiquette

If you are a business or corporation owner and are seeking flagpole installation in El Paso, you can find the proper resources to provide the equipment to complete your commercial landscape. However, you will also need to be aware of proper flagpole maintenance and instruct your workers on the mindful way to raise and lower the flag.

When raising or lowering the flag after the flagpole installation in El Paso has been completed, you should always be respectful of the American flag at all times. You should not let any part of it touch the ground at any time during the raising or lowering process. When the flag is flown at half-staff, it should be first hoisted to the peak of the flagpole for a moment and then lowered to the halfway point along the bar. At the end of the day, the flag should again be raised to the top of the flagpole and then lowered all the way. Normally, flags that are half-staff should be displayed only between the time of sunrise to sunset, but if displayed at night, the flag should be illuminated. Companies that handle flagpole installation in El Paso can securely set your flagpole in the proper way in your outside landscape to ensure the best foundation to hold it up.

Proper flagpole maintenance is important considering all the outdoor elements that can cause rust, debris and discoloration to the metal and flag. The components that hois the flag must be in good condition and not worn too low in the threading. The top of the flagpole needs to be checked that it is securely fixed in place before flagpole installation in El Paso commercial business’. Without the security of the top of the flagpole, you may have a runaway flag and a difficult time repairing the damage, especially for extreme weather conditions, like high winds or hail.
If you have questions or would like more information on flagpole installation in El Paso, then contact K. D. Scholten Co. at (915) 833-1452 or 800-479-1452. You can also e-mail us at

Electric Fireplaces and Stoves El Paso, Tx

ID-100150706Electric fireplaces and stoves are things that more and more people are starting to incorporate into their homes. One of the reasons why these hearth products are showing up in homes is because of the heat they give off in a home.

In some homes the heat from a heater may not reach evenly throughout the house or a new one may be needed for the home. This is where electric fireplaces and stoves come into play. They have enough ability to heat an entire house. Plus with electric fireplaces, the gas bill is not as high, there is no worry about gas leaks and they are more efficient than older heaters found in homes.

Another reason why there seems to be more electric fireplaces and stoves in homes is the look they have. Not only can serve as a heating purpose in the home but they have a distinguished look about them. Often homeowners might buy one of these for a room in their house and make it the focal point.

They build out from it to make a central theme. And you don’t have to worry about one of these heating units not matching with what’s in the house already. They come in all sorts of styles and colors to match your home.

So if you happen to be thinking about a new heating unit for your home, you can’t go wrong with electric fireplaces and stoves. If you would like more information about electric fireplaces and stoves, contact K.D. Scholten today. We are located on the west side of town at 7365 Remcon Circle, Suite A-106 or you can call us at 915.833.1452.

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