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Outside BBQ Grills in El Paso: Just in time for Spring


Outside BBQ grills in El Paso can be freestanding or can be built in. Free standing grills can be purchased anywhere but they are often a hassle to use. Filling the gas tank on a free standing grill can be dangerous and grills are often prone to breaking after a short time spent outside.

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Let Your Flag Fly High with Flagpole Installation in El Paso


Flagpole installation in El Paso can be a complicated endeavor as you need to ensure that you select the correct flagpole and that you follow the right installation process to ensure safety.  K.D. Scholten can take care of this installation process for you.

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Deck Out Your Backyard with an Outdoor Fireplace in El Paso


An outdoor fireplace in El Paso is a wonderful addition to your screen porch or back yard patio or deck.  An outdoor fireplace can be the centerpiece of your outdoor space. Whether you have a pool, a hot tub, a deck you are trying to enhance or a simple patio, an outdoor fireplace in El Paso is just the thing to take your outdoor hangout space from ordinary to extraordinary.

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The Best Barbecue Products in El Paso for your Next Get-Together


Barbecuing is an exciting time to bring family and friends together and what better place than the comfort of your own home. K.D. Scholten delivers a supreme line of barbecue products in El Paso, which includes consultation, installation, and the friendliest service in town.

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